Grown Out Of It…

I left Mr 3WD&P to his devices yesterday to write a wee post, of course I naively thought he had out grown the Willie puns and jokes – obviously he has not. He has however took Willie’s new mode of transport on the chin,as have Maggie and Rosie who are just excited to ‘have a go’, so I guess it was a good buy.

Worryingly though is that we may now look ‘eccentric’ and weird out on walks – being noticed for probably all the wrong reasons. For now as we peruse around the shops and at pets at home we will not only have Rosie and her backpack but Willie in his pram, leaving only one normal dog on lead. How we got to be these ‘mad white dog people’ I am not quite sure – maybe it’s a midlife crisis senario?

The dogs obviously do not care about this predicament in the slightest furthermore Willie does not give two hoots about his reputation of being chauffeured about in his three wheeler. Indeed on our walk tonight I had to take with me number 4 son as Mr 3WD&P is as sick as a dog (sorry Willie couldn’t help it) and even the teenager wanted to push the new fangled addition to Willie’s walks .

Indeed he pushed it around the whole walk – proudly. Past school acquaintances and funny looks and when we got home I did not even have to cook tea. Number 3 son cooked, as he was doing a practice run of his cookery exam. The three course meal; ceasar salad, Mac n cheese and pine apple upside down cake was delish.Number 4 son even got in on the cooking, producing a lovely batch of scrambled eggs.. for the dogs!

Mr 3WD&P is missing it all as he lies in bed and he will never believe it but I have the photographic evidence 😎😉

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