We are doing everything in threes today; sleeping together in the kitchen as mummy potters on, sharing the spoils from the bowl, taking turns patrolling the garden and farting in a beautiful orchastrated trio of notes.

Today we are the power of three, pig has of course been on the outskirts awaiting the perfect moment to disrupt this harmonious trio. He has also succeeded on several occasions – making for a noisy and excited scuffle.

Indeed three seems just to be the number of the day with three white dogs out walking (Willie in his pram) but with three hoomans to accompany them as grandad joined us for a slow stroll. Snail 🐌 slow it was too as it was Mr 3WD&P first time out of the house for the past two days and it blew the cobwebs off but also the wind out of his sails, as it is when you have been poorly and he has been very poorly.

So tonight with bellies full and little legs tired we relax on the sofa with a cuppa in one hand and a sleeping dog a piece on our laps – who needs the heating on when you have a cosy westie snuggled in – not us…

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