Like Butter…

Like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth – wee Maggie Moo can be a beautiful image of innocence’s frolicking between the snowdrops and excitedly greeting twolegs and fourlegs on walks. This indeed is the look she went for today; angelic loveliness, puppy dog eyes and waggy tails. Of course this was all to lull us into an unsuspecting state so she could get up to mischief and she certainly did find mischief on the telly tubby hills.

Proudly she stood at the peak, looking down upon us with pleading eyes. At such a perfect angle and vantage point, so the little puddle behind her could not be misconstrued as anything but innocent fun. She danced about, using her cutest moves, expectantly, hoping, looking for the nod of approval to go paw dipping in the tiny pool of rain water which gleamed like a clear mountain spring in the sun. Neither did she wait to be told twice to go for a plodge – ignoring the ‘wait’ command and taking it as a go on, have fun command.’

Thus she disappeared over the hill summit and down the opposite bank as fast as lightening, she even had the cheek to stand at the side of the ‘little puddle’ and wait for me to get to the top – so I could see her go paw dipping. However, at this point I was screaming ” don’t you dare, don’t you… As she launched herself into it. For you see, it was not a puddle but more of a lake – a field lake – laden with mud and as she dived in paws first I am pretty sure I saw her laugh at me – as I was mid sentence forbidding her to go swimming. It was a wet walk home for Maggie.

Thankfully, Nana Rosie was in a more sensible mood, plodding along at her own pace (while also huffing and puffing like a steam train) as she tries to keep at her normal pace and struggles for breath. If it wasn’t that I am worried that she would sit on Willie’s bad leg she would be in the pram with him, indeed we are finding one walk a day is enough for Nana Rosie now and she will probably get promoted to the pram when Sir Willie is better which bring us to his lordship.

Sir Willie seems to think he is better and has turned into a proper jerk, trying to jump up on settees and run around the garden. He has turned into an escape artist overnight and a fast one at that. As soon as the crate shows any sign of being opened he’s ready. He can dodge the leader and hop three legged at top steep to the other side of the house. It is like trying to negotiate with a cheetah or a slimey snake and as for cuddles – yeah that is just a ploy to escape. How many weeks have we got left in the crate – oh yeah three, three more long weeks and should he hurt himself when he’s on the move – well it’s obviously our fault and we have done it on purpose

Westitude is having our life here today 🤣 …

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