Hello Again…

It’s been a little quiet here on Three White Dogs and a Pig but it has not been anything to worry about. We have just had a bout of illness (the downside to working in a school) and have been spending the rest of the week trying to catch up on jobs – and failing miserably. Neither the dogs, cat or teenagers particularly care about the mess and general day to day things that have gone undone – like the dusting – I can write my name in it now. So much so they saw no need to either 1. Help while we were invalids or 2. Help when we were better. The dogs got to spend whole days in bed sleeping though, so they were happy.

Now that the house is already disoriented (and we are feeling better) it is of course a great time to decorate and I don’t do small decorating… It started with a new hallway carpet (courtesy of Nana pee pee pants Rosie) and now we have two bedrooms, the living room and the kitchen under project managing. Of course I am the project manager and Mr 3WD&P is the painter and decorator but he is taking in his stride (or at least hasn’t told me to do one yet) but then he hasn’t added the garden and campervan on his list 😮😉.

This is quite typical of me – the spring clean. There is nothing like a clear out and freshen up to bring the spring in. I just hope we don’t get any visitors in the next four weeks but you are probably more interested in finding out how the four amigos are… Well Lord Willie has had his stitches removed and has well and truly fallen for his wheels, even reversing himself to you so you can lift him in, ready for the adventures. However, he is also a complete ‘tool’ as he begins to feel better, mastering the three legged run (earning himself the name ‘wonky Willie’) and all the escape routes from the crate. More importantly he is desperate for a bath – he stinks. He smells of 🐕 and illness and being couped up. Roll on when we can bath him.

Nana Rosie has some new jumpers for walks and when Willie grows out of his wheels Rosie will upgrade into them. Walks have become slower and she is beginning to feel like a dainty little thing – an old dear but she is happy and well considering. Maggie is also well and full of mischief but is missing playing with Willie , so i think she will be pleased when he’s up and about again. Lastly and excitingly though we have an order coming into our pack – where Pig and the dogs are concerned. It has took a while but Pig now has full rein of the house and the dogs are abiding by that. We have made sure there are plenty of high areas around the house, should he need an escape and it is working perfectly. We are very pleased and very proud of them all 💜💜💜.

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