Everybody loves a digestive biscuit…

Everyone loves a digestive biscuit and nobody more than; Piggy One, Piggy Two and Piggy Three – also known as Lord Willie, Nana Rosie and Maggie Moo but then these three love anything that concerns food.

If it is thiers, it is thiers. If it is yours it is thiers, if it is on the floor it is thiers, if they don’t like it, it is still thiers too. Possession is 9/10ths of the law – the law of Westies that is.

Furthermore, no feat or tactic is beneath them, in search of thier goal. They will beg, borrow and guilt thier way into persuading you to share your food or even better give it over to them completely.

And when the food is gone…

They will ignore you for it is your duty to spoil them…

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