We have a thief in the building…

The thief is a cheeky wee thing too, coming back for more when they think your back is turned. They cannot deny the theft though, as there is no hiding the big white fluffy bottom, wagging ten to the dozen as it hangs out of the cupboard.

Neither can you deny the gulit that is so obviously plain on thier face or the delight of how clever they have been in snatching the tasty morsel – even though it is not for them.

For they have stolen the bird food from under the sink. The birds being thier arch enemies from the garden. The intruders into the three amigos territory – univited too. Making the theft even more satisfying and justified.

So no remorse is shown as they look on, wondering why on earth Mummy is seemingly telling them off – doesn’t she know it is part of the major plan in defeating the enemy and taking back the territory stolen by the birds, the silly woman…

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