Toilet Breaks…

You can tell it is a wet, rainy day today and a Friday too at that. All the four amigos (Pigcat included) want to do is sleep. Don’t get me wrong they all ‘think’ they want to go outside, well that is until we open the door – then it’s the reverse shuffle back from the door into the warmth of the house.

We even have a little wager going on between them – of who can go to the toilet as close to the door as possible, as to not get wet and cold. Fortunately, for us the dogs (and Pig) are quite particular about having a soft grassy texture under butt – so no presents right at the door (as that could be a little unpleasant for unsuspecting victims.)

However, the rain and dreak weather has not dampened thier love of cuddles and thier playful character – although, technically Willie should not be trying to prance about and play but I think we have already covered that ground and determined he’s a eejit…

So we sit inside, watching the weather outside, as tomorrow we have a playdate and it has been such along time since the pups have seen one another. Fingers crossed the weather does not spoil it – worst case scenario it’s off to the dog friendly cafe, where it’s warm and dry if it’s too cold and wet to walk the beach…

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