Who Needs the Pied Piper Anyway…

Who needs the ‘Pied Piper’ when you’ve got this lot. You can tell they are ratters by breeding and know exactly what to do, although Willie does not quite understand the rules of sharing. Certainly I would not wish to be a rat around here, within catching distance of Maggie, Willie or Pig cat for that matter, as they are all expertly equipt and ready to go. Ratting, however, is beneath Nana Rosie as is playing with toys for that matter – throwing a look at us that screams “I’m too old for that s**t”, so rat catching is left to the young.

Indeed Pig cat has already got a few chincks in his belt for some fancy rat catching and he seems to instinctively know when the weather has been exceptionally wet that his patrols must be more vigilant around the drains. However, as much as we are comfortable with this arrangement ( asking as he doesn’t bring his catch into us) Pig is also a very adapt bird hunter which we are not so keen on. Neither may I add are our resident Magpie’s that have lived here far longer than Pigcat. The Magpies dislike him so much they have now taken to swooping down at him and pecking him on the head at every sighting – and much to his frustration he cannot get anywhere near them. It is a shame the other resident birds don’t follow suit – it might stop his nest raiding in spring which sadly no amount of dousing him with water will put him off…

Thankfully the dogs are not so bird orientated (especially of the huge seagulls at the beach front – who sweep down at them, scaring them half to death) but don’t get me wrong we do have a slight territory issue surrounding the bird feeder – whereas the dogs think it is for them and not actually the birds. I often wonder if the dogs realise they are carnivores and are not supposed to eat bird seed but have just come to conclusion that they are greedy pigs.

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