Frustrated Willie…

We have hit a small problem today – you see Lord Willie is a bit frustrated due to all this crate confinement and not being allow to go for walks. Thus today we have been subject to a downside to this frustration, in the form of some unwanted behaviour – in that it had to be realised in some way or form…

So today I have frantically gone around the house moving cushions, blankets, soft toys and such out of the path (or paws in this case) of his lordship. The said unwanted and frankly inappropriate behaviour he is displaying is nothing but full of attitude and sass, bordering on down right delinquency.

It has even got to the point whereas he cannot be trusted with the girls alone. I understand he feels frustrated with all this pent up energy and is bored but could he not just – you know destroy something or even have a crap on the carpet…

I mean it’s not even personal – even inadamant objects are getting the full brunt of Mr 3WD&P ‘frustrated Willie’ – even the curtains are not safe. There is already a long list of victims and it’s just keeps growing; sofas, cushions, Willie’s bedding, hooman legs, footstool – even Nana Rosie and Maggie have been subject to his crimes (and I’m pretty sure Pigcat wouldn’t be safe if Willie had half the chance too.)

No amount of chastising is detering this lad neither, although, we have seriously considered giving him a cold spray of water to quench his spontaneity. Never did we think we would have this amorous side effect from Willie’s R&R time – the dirty little sod that he is being as he humps his frustration away, showing no signs of remorse as he does so. I mean look at that innocent face, who’d of though it …

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