One Man And His Dog.

One man and his dog is a well known phrase celebrating the relationship between owner and pet, while also suggesting more – for there is more to the human and canine relationship.

When a connection is made, however, long, short, substantial or fleeting you cannot deny it’s impact. The contract both man and dog enter into, willingly, accepting each other as pack and family, putting trust, hope and love into each others paws and hands. Is is a beautiful transaction to behold.

Certainly, every connection between a ‘man and his dog’ is magical and while I would never wish to take away from these moments it always seems even sweeter when an agreement of trust comes from out of the blue. Such as a rescue dog or a dog that has known pain, suffering or abandonment – a dog that has been let down.

So when I catch glimpses of Mr 3WD&P and Willie I am humbled, I feel honoured to be part of that journey. I feel proud not only that my husband chose Willie but that Willie chose him. Willie saw someone he could trust, he saw someone he could love and he gave into it.

So if I ever have to leave this life I can leave it knowing that for that one dog we have made a difference and for while we are here to live life we would be honoured and blessed to make a difference to more. Be more dog – open your heart to love.

For nobody can deny the love between Lord Willie and his dad…

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