The Good Un Bad…

As the week goes on the kitchen looks more and more like a kitchen than the war zone it has currently been looking like. However, the decoration of the kitchen has come with its own good points and draw backs. The Three White Dogs and Pig are all sociable little souls, loving a good old nose about and have to be in the centre of anything that may be going on but on the other hand the disarray and change has made them a bit flighty too…

Nana Rosie has decided she hates the fitters with a passion (which the fitter seems oblivious too as he keeps trying to pet her) but you cannot miss the snapping noise of her toothless mouth as she try to nip him at every opportunity. This is very unlike Nana Rosie, who although nervous is generally a happy sociable little thing, but I suppose we can’t all go through life liking everybody can we and she hadn’t managed to nip the fitter yet 😮.

Maggie is the polar opposite to Nana Rosie – trying to cuddle, kiss and lick her way into cupboards, laps and arms – while doing a runner with the odd tool and screw. This of course has done the job of getting total devotion and loving compliments of how lovely she is and can they ‘keep her’ – ERM – no you cannot.

This brings us to Lord Willie, who does not need to steal tools as he is one… He is still misbehaving and his blanket that he ‘LOVES SO MUCH’ and it IS going in the wash tonight as he has humped it into next week. He has also managed to hurt his leg in this process (well that and trying to jump on the couch – and missing.) So he is limping again and feeling a tad sorry for himself – he just had to hurt himself when we are down to our last pain relief for him too.

Pig is of course, is among the confusion too, managing to get himself shut into a kitchen unit or two, while also tripping up the fitters at every opportunity – what fun we are all having.

The worst of them all though – Mr 3WD&P. As we live off snatched biscuits and take aways – he becomes more ‘Hangry’ everyday. Well, that and Mr Perfect cannot help himself but inspect every little job done in the kitchen (I think he is finding it hard letting other people do the ‘man jobs’) plus he hates a disorganized house – unless it’s him that is doing the disorganizing of course.

Me – I’m pleased it’s nearly done but then I know we are only half way there – a week of kitchen fitting = a week of cleaning. It is amazing how much dust and mess there is – and we are only getting wrapping done…

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