We are getting there, although, the tidying up of the kitchen is slow as we manouver around babysitting. It is starting to feel a little tedious though as we eyeball the tumbleweeds of dust and white dog fur being blown around the house – that and the man children feel the compulsive need to write in the dust – making it even more noticeable.

Of course the beloved pets of the house do not care one little bit about house keeping or cleaning – as long as food, water and cuddles are plentyful (along with a variety of comfortable sleeping places.) Furthermore, they have thoroughly enjoyed having the little two legs visiting this evening, making the most of extra arms for cuddling and extra food crumbs to suck up.

Two of my favourite little memories of today though; watching the little two legs colour in and watching Nana Rosie sleep. Why? Well there is something so innocent about colouring in compared to the vast amount of technology for kids these days and Nana Rosie has never felt comfortable enough around the small two legs to go down for a deep snooze – one where she snores loudly…

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