Til Death Do Us Part.

If there were such a thing as westie wedding vows I am pretty sure the first one would be;

I promise to honour, sometimes obey you and never let you go to the bathroom alone again.

This is most definitely the case with Maggie, from day one she has been my shadow and my soul mate and wherever I go, she goes too. Every bath or shower I have taken she has rested at the foot, on the bathmat and should I try to close the door on her, leaving her outside, there is a frantic panic and loud grumping until she gains entry and the experience of going to the loo is no different.

Today however, Maggie came upon a different scenario – as she rushed to rest on the mat by me in the bathroom, she came against a hardship – Willie was sat in HER place and she was not quite sure what to do about it either…

Firstly she tried being gobby and shouting at both Willie and I – to which Willie yawned loudly and ignored her. Then she began to torment Willie, seemingly trying to push him out of the way (which also did not work) so she eventually gave in a went for the stroppy teenager huff tactic.

This did not bother stirrer Willie in the slightest and he was not the least bit modest about either his sneaky tactics or the fact that he had indeed in this case come out top dog. However, it did mean Maggie would not speak to either of us today or deem us to be anything but trash and dispicable ‘place’ thief’s. Needless to say we have been trying to make up for our misdemeanor all day, as there is nothing worse than being given the cold shoulder and continuous hacky looks by a westie/diva all night…

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