OOOOO ERRR we have had a mix up day today, sshhh don’t tell anyone but while Willie was out of his wheels looking for the perfect spot to toilet, Nana Rosie had a sneaky ride – and she quite liked it.

The 3WDs have also had a couple of extra sneaky walks today. Mostly because ‘Mummy’ had a ‘ladies that lunch afternoon’ and ate too much food – making a pig of herself but the dogs were quite happy with the extra walk scenario.

The best bit – because ‘Mummy’ did ‘ladies that lunch the 3WD&P got to see Auntie Lisa for extra special cuddles and fuss – as they are sociable little things – and they LOVE auntie Lisa very much 😍 and me, I got to meet a lovely lady and her daughter today while also bagging a yummy lunch.

So Saturday has been sunny, yummy and good olde fun and there’s nothing better to blow the cobwebs off because tomorrow it’s clean, clean, clean – as the kitchen still looks like a bomb went off.

Ps: Willie REALLY needs a haircut 😂

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