She’s Worth It.

The kitchen is finished but it was not without trial and error, indeed Nana Rosie imparticular found it stressfull and disorienting. As she struggled to cope she left tiddles on the floor, did not settle and took her distress out on wee Maggie – thus as some points hair and teeth were flying. Maggie coped incredibly well, considering she is a young dog. She stood her ground and dealt with the situation fairly – putting Nana Rosie in her place, while not taking it to a full blown scrap. In actual fact she probably coped better with the situation than I did and I stupidly managed to get a lovely bruise on my arm (thankfully Nana Rosie is practically toothless.)

So for Nana Rosie because she is worth it, we went back to basics. Short cleaning spouts, then back to walks and cuddles and on the evening – when her stress levels were at her highest (because she was tired and her routine was different) we kept to normal bedtimes and routines. So the kitchen took three days to get back to normal rather than one but I think you will agree it looks great. We even managed to get abit of sun in the back garden and I almost managed to get a photograph of all three dogs sitting in the sun – well until they spotted me and Willie and Nana Rosie made a run for it… which is typical.

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