Tuesdays are for…

Tuesday is for trolling, which is exactly what the dugs have done, not being interested in going out into the rain at all, they have parked themselves at the window and snooped. Living on site of course is absolutely perfect for these three, as I am quite confident in saying that they are nosey parkers. Indeed any visitors; children, staff or visiting professionals just need to look our way to see three, white heads bobbing up and down, checking out passer bys.

Nana Rosie has even perfected sitting looking out the window and sleeping together – by resting her chin on the window sill. That and all three dogs are finely tuned into the site barrier noise as it raises as people enter and exit. This is all innocent good fun of course for this inquisitive trio – well that is until someone enters thier garden territory. At which point the barking starts (usually by Nana Rosie) however, I get the distinct impression it’s more the excitement of socialisation rather than actual territory protection, as they are proper divas.

And when you tell them to get down from the window… Well just look at Nana Rosie’s judgy face – she’s not happy lol.

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