I have had not one but two epiphanies today. The first being the realisation that my husband Mr 3WD&P is an actual reincarnation of Budda (see photographic evidence) and the second that Nana Rosie is actually a proper old battleaxe. All these months and moments we have had worrying about her and her health – to the point I have dreaded turning a corner to find her gone, have been daft.

As she gets older (and grumpier) she is turning into a classic bad tempered, gum sucking, handbag hitting old lady. With the demeanour of a fire breathing dragon with wind. She huff’s, puffs, scowls and grumbles under her breath. Keeps a ridgit timestable and routine – and is not impressed with ANY changes and even when she’s happy she looks like she’s sucking on pickled eggs (that not entirely true as she has an amazing smile – even if it is toothless.)

However, there are certain things Nana Rosie adores; food, cuddles, walks and food – did I mention food. Now if you have ever been out on pension day and happen to be at a garden centre – in the cafe queue, you may come across something similar to Nana Rosie’s reaction to food. Yes, it’s handbags at noon – especially if there is only one slice of cake left, they might not have teeth but they can’t half give a good suction bite, while also getting the elbow in the ribs. Now, I know this discription maybe slight enhanced but Maggie and Willie would rather eat outside in the cold and rain at the moment than sit next to Nana Rosie as she dribbles and scoffed her food like a starved orphan (while also trumping away.) She is even making Willie table manners look posh – and thats saying something.

Then there the last seat on the bus senario but in this case it’s the couch (and Nana Rosie, not ya Granny.) The race to the sofa in its self is hilarious to watch but when the back legs fail to get the height and hang in desperation you’ve just got to help her out – but do you get thanks for it, do you nowt – as she guards her spot with ferious looks and an air of self importance – god forbid if Maggie or Willie fancy a comfy seat beside her…

So ageing gracefully – I think not – this old girl could give the Grinch a run for his money. It’s just as well we love her or she’d be in the retirement home by now 😂😉😍

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