Blow the Cobwebs Away.

It’s Easter, it’s school holidays and it’s not snowing, so we’ve been pottering on. Walks with the three musketeers, mixed with some little bits of daftness, then time out to admire the spring flowers and lastly we pulled out the paint brush and rollers.

Yes it’s that time of year – the spring clean and freshen up – time to blow the cobwebs off and get all those pesky jobs done while the weather is still moody and work is not knocking on our door. We’ve already worked out that while the wild cotton tails love a good olde nosey and explore about, they are not too keen on change – so we are taking it slow, making sure Nana Rosie is still getting her cuddles and a few extra reasurring kisses too.

Willie however, is just loving finding all the rank food and toys that were hiding under and behind the furniture (only him) but at least Mr 3WD&P caveman drawing is an accurate expression of our mad household (3WD&P included 😃) dog like owner – only him…

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