Poor Nana.

Today is all about Nana Rosie who has had a poorly day, looking for comforting cuddles and love. She has had such an upset tummy today – I find it hard to believe that so many loud, unpleasant noises can come from such a small tummy. Then there is the way it has gurgled and popped – it’s like it has a life of its own, moving about you would think she has a tummy full of puppies. So shes been off her food, lost interest in going for a walk and just wants to sleep, which is fine as I know when I’m poorly I just want to go to bed too.

However, she doesn’t want to go to bed alone she wants me (even daddy won’t do) neither does she want to just sit near me – she wants to sit on me, snuggled in as close as she can. So today had been all about Rosie and whatever she wants to do. We did pop out for an Easter lunch with grandad, where the dogs had to stay behind but in Nana Rosie’s poorly state she didn’t give two hoots when we left and just sat staring at us sadly from bed.

Both Willie and Maggie can sense Nana Rosie is off today too and not that Willie needs much encouragement to be a clown – that is what he has been today. Finding toys and bringing them to Rosie to tempt her – showing her what to do and even falling flat onto his face a few times in his attempts. Nana Rosie is obviously not interested and can you blame her, Willie is not the most delicate dog, unknowingly to him when he plays he resembles a wild dog with rabies – it’s really is quite disturbing – it’s just as well we know him, as he’d likely be mistook as a vagabond and get locked away with the fairies by someone who didnt…

So here’s to a day of Nana Rosie noisy farts and Willie’s attempt at playing ‘nicely’…

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