Sharp as a pin…

You will be pleased to know Nana Rosie is feeling much better – and making up for lost food yesterday and when Nana Rosie is on good form she’s quick, there’s no fly’s on her. Which she is today, she’s spot on, not confused but alert and full of busy. She’s so on the ball there is no way we are getting her outside in this weather either. So we have had a chilled day in (decorating of course) which has not hindered Maggie’s sleeping routine at all, as she has just slept amongst it.

Willie – Willie is in hiding. It’s hair cut day tomorrow. The groomer has popped him in for the first appointment tomorrow so it is quiet for him (as he’s still tender) and boy does he need it – he can’t see where he is going for starters. To top it off we are going short to try and blend it into his leg – I hope it warms up tomorrow…

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