Lord Willie; One Kiss, Dimple Bum…

Lord Willie first of his name will be known from hence forward as; Lord Willie, first of his name, one kiss only, dimple bum, huffy pants…

For you see Lord Willie lives by one rule. The one kiss rule – one. Not two or three – one (unless you are daddy that is.) You see Willie has had to relearn that affection and love is nice, that touch is nice and whereas the girls will rather suffocate rather than take a break for a breath while sharing kisses, Willie is more reserved.

Do not get me wrong he is improving with time. Once upon a time it was one kiss and if you dared go in for another he would bare his teeth and grumble at you in warning. Whereas now I can go in for one kiss and carry on smooching him but it does take all Willie’s resilience to not fall back into his extreme behaviour. You see now as you go in for your one kiss, he returns it with one kiss and the rest…

He sits as still as a statue and allows you too kiss him repeatedly – while ignoring you as best as he can and with just a small slight curl of the lip as you are doing it lol. Now the general rule is that only the adults (me and Mr 3WD&P) can kiss Willie like this, as he is after all still in rehabilitation mode and although he is a super star behaviour wise (compared to his arrival) I would not like to put any visitors or small people in this situation or Willie for that matter. It is all about trust – one step at a time.

Which takes us onto Willie’s next milestone. Willie snuck out of bed last night (while he thought we were asleep) and… Cocked his leg in the house and did a ginormous wee – naughty boy that he is. It was so long and splashy is woke me up – hence he was caught red handed and his reaction to being chastised – was more than I could of hoped for. He held his head in shame and slunked back to bed when told (looking very sorry for himself.) A normal reaction – no defensive stances, prickly back stripes, ears flat or grumblings (not that we get that reaction often now but sometimes is slips back in.)

Actually his favourite reaction to being told off at the moment is to hide behind the parent who isn’t telling him off – nothing like playing one parent off another – of course it’s always me that reassures Willie that “daddy doesn’t mean it – he’s just grumpy.”

For Willie is a very intelligent boy and he figures things out very quickly. For instance he know his name is Willie but he also knows it is ‘baby’ and will wag his tail ferociously – even when in a deep sleep – even if you are actually conversing with an actual baby because obviously you can only be talking about him. So yes he has red stickers all over his vets notes about his previous unpleasant behaviour from when he was picked up off the streets but this dog is a street dog no more – he’s just a big pudding 😂🤣😂

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