How could we not?

Such beautiful weather today – how could we not? It has probably been just over a month when we last visited the beach (just before Willie’s operation) but the dogs instinctively knew where we were going – maybe they can smell the sea air. Meaning as we parked up you could practically feel the hum of excitement coming from the seat behind us, as the three white lightenings vibrated on thier bums, awaiting the opening of the car door. Willie even began whimpering and crying at the anticipation.

We had parked at our usual spot (where the big red bus cafe normally parks) and once we got the hustle and bustle of getting out of the car over with we followed our usual route down to the beach. Now this is where the fun began – our three little legs know the way onto the beach with thier eyes closed. So imagine thier horror as we abruptly came to a halt at the end of the path – to a sheer drop down. The sandy beach and walkway down to the shore had been washed away, probably due to all the storms we have had lately but there was no way down, which is where our adventures began. We explored up and down the dunes, ran through the long grass (where I tripped and fell flat on my face) and eventually found a way onto the beach – albiet a longer trek than we were hoping to do with wee Willie.

We all had great fun when we got down to the waterfront – well all of us apart from Willie, who had now realised he was not getting let off lead and went into a mega huff, refusing to pose for photos or even acknowledge our existence, as we tried to explain it was for is own good and really he shouldn’t be walking on the sand in retrospect. However, this did not disipate his now rather grumpy demeanour and scowled at everything for the whole of our wander down the sand.

We didn’t stay long at the beach – long enough to run some energy off Maggie but not to over exercise Willie’s healing leg, also darling Nana Rosie is still not quite herself. We are still having trouble with her tummy and toilets. Don’t get me wrong there is some improvement – she is eating and drinking again with no real encouragement. So we are keeping an eye on her – if it doesn’t improve tomorrow, it may be a vet visit at the weekend. We just can’t figure out what is going on. Her diet and medication are the same, no changes. Up to now she been generally in good form (other than the odd dementia moments) but it’s a worry isn’t it, especially as she struggling to make it outside for the loo – thank goodness for hard floors.

Nana Rosie does love her walks though so if nothing else a gentle stroll along the beach perked her up a little and helped her forget her tummy – even if it was for a short time. All three of the dogs do love coming home though, as much as going out for walks. They like thier snoozes and comfy sofa but today on returning home they prefered the rug on the floor – I didn’t have the heart to tell them the fire wasn’t real bless – it’s only a light 😂🤣

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