Wine, pajamas and doc martens…

Wine, pajamas and doc martens – sounds like a good Friday night in to me, to make it perfect though you add some good company (Mr 3WD &P) good telly, three white dogs and a Pig cat, which I have. Although, it was not without begging. You see I have been out and about today having some girlie time – thus I abandoned the four paws and am being punished for the pleasure. Not that they were left home alone and abandoned though – they were in the lovely company of daddy and big brother Ben. Neither did I forget them while I was out, bringing them all presents home but still I felt the wrath and abandonment.

Daddy had adorned them with walks, treats and many a cuddle while I was out – forfilling thier every need, which also included a visit to the dogtors to check Nana Rosie out who is still off colour. The prognosis some oral gel to try and settle her tummy and ‘dry her bottom up’ and lots of R&R. This is something Nana Rosie is happy with as she is exhausted and hopefully she will feel more like herself tomorrow and if she does… The weather is supposed to be nice and we may get out and about for a stroll, fingers crossed.

But for tonight it’s an early night and snuggles for me and the girls. Willie – he has got his own duvet (compliments from the baby cot department) and he loves it. He can now suck, chew and nibble to his hearts content – the big soft lump he is 😍😍😍

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