I was Ready.

I am ready,
I have stood on the beach,
Breathed in the sea air,
Felt the sand beneath my toes.

My body has slowed,
My bones have tired,
Hunger and thirst,
Have no power.

I am ready,
I am loved and adored,
My heart has soared,
I found my place,
Where I belong.

My eyes grow heavy,
My ears hear peace,
My nose smells wonders,
My heart misses a beat.

I am ready,
I know you are not,
I leave quietly and peacefully,
But your heart is in knots.

I was ready,
My eyes told you the story,
Your heart heard the song,
Your head argued longingly,
But love makes you strong.

I was ready,
I am gone,
But only in body,
And not in your heart song,
For there I will rest,
Until the day is long.

O5/05/2004 – 07/04/ 2018
Our old lady, much loved, much missed.

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