No words…

I do not have the words to express not only our sadness and devestation at Rosie’s passing but also the awe we have had at the response to our sad news. We are very humbled but also very touched that Nana Rosie touched so many hearts.

Nana Rosie’s last day was on her terms. We had been struggling to get her tummy under control for a few days. She was alert, happy and still interested in eating and drinking, although she could not keep anything in. The vetinary care she received up to her passing was exemplary. Although the medication given to her gave her relief it could not stop the whole symptoms. This did not stop Nana Rosie who visited the beach, brunched on honey ham and still smiled and snuggled.

On Saturday morning however, she awoke tired – complete with bed hair but was uninterested in breakfast. She was still very much excited about walks though, so we took her on her favourite walk – down the lane and we even stopped to explore the haunted farm. A walk that would normally take us twenty minutes took us an hour and a half but she loved every minute of it. She ran through puddles, turned her face up to the rain and even spotted a pheasant. We have some lovely videos to keep as memories.

On returning home we ran a warm bubbly bath in, not only for the mud but for her, to give her the dignity she deserved as she struggled to keep even water in. She may not have loved the bath as much as her walk but she didn’t mind it too much but again she seemed tired. There were no zoomies to dry off, or vivid shaking with bath water running down the walls – just snuggles. In hindsight I think Maggie and Willie knew before us the time was coming as they sat by the fire near her – indeed they had not left her side all day. Nearing closer every now and then to give her a kiss.

We spent over an hour, drying, brushing, grooming and cuddling Nana Rosie and she adored this time – even giving us the classic Nana Rosie scowl when we stopped. We lay and cuddled on the floor and cried and listened to her deep contented sighs, we tried to tempt her with honey ham and chicken and treats but to no avail. She moved between Mr 3WD&P and I for cuddles and kisses and even smiles.

As the evening went on she tired more as her tummy churned and gurgled and she snuggled closer. I remember the exact moment when realisation hit, when I knew. It was as she looked up at me – I swear she was looking into my soul, her eyes were crystal clear. I did not need any words, she was ready. She adorned me with kisses – my face was sodden with them. My breath hitched – never have a cried so much. She died in my arms, peacefully.

We are trying to learn to breath again. We still look for her around the house, on walks and bedtime. Not just us but the dogs too. She tried to wait until the man children came home but she couldn’t – it was her time. We could not control how she came into this world or what she endured before us but she left with dignity, being part of a family and very much loved. She had been with us for seven months, it has felt like she has always been here.

I do not care what anyone says animals grieve. Willie and Rosie do not know what to do with themselves. Pig to too some extent. Nana Rosies food bowl and name above the establishment door will always stay. Three White Dogs and a Pig will stay Three White Dogs and a Pig – it is a legacy to Rosie but for now we wait for her to come home, where she belongs. For now we have to learn to live without her and we are not sure where to start.

*These photographs are all before Nana Rosie passed.

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