Days gone…

The past few days have had an eerie feel about them as we try to get accustomed to not having Nana Rosie about. We still look for her out on walks, at bedtime and as we put the food bowls down. Her things are still hanging in hall but it is very much real. We have donated her medication to a local charity – for we wanted Rosie to be able to help others, although she is no longer with us and the medication is not cheap and it seemed wrong to just bin it.

Willie and Maggie are slowly beginning to come round, as they have been quiet this past few days. Certainly Maggie still looks to check up on Rosie on walks. We have had the odd one or two short walks along the beach to blow off the cobwebs and recharge the batteries. The beach has always been my go to place at such times like this. It was a regular haunt for me after both my brother and mum passed – I find it a place that helps me to think and relax and it will definitely be a place I will visit with Rosie when she returns home, for she adored visiting the beach.

But for now we will have to have patience and enjoy Willie’s smiles…

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