I Love you more…

I love writing but writing feels so strange at the moment without Nana Rosie in it and I almost feel like I am betraying her memory and worry people may think I did not love her enough if I start writing too soon but it is not just about loving to write, for me writing is a way to heal, to work through emotions – for me it helps.

Rosie’s passing has been hard but it has been made easier by not only Willie and Maggie being her on stand by for cuddles but also because it was Nana Rosie’s time and she was ready. So I find the battle on to write or not to write on my doorstep – not that there is much to write about, the past few days have been about catching ourselves, staying close to home and seeing family and friends. This and with the weather being particularly wet has made for a couple of rather boring, normal days of dog walks and general house duties.

So the dogs have mooched about the house, brooding and sniffing Rosie’s things. I have popped on Rosie’s paw print that Mr 3WD&P bought for me at Christmas (which I am even more grateful that he got it done for me now) and when you are feeling down, what’s the best way to perk yourself up? Well some new clothes and a haircut, of course (me not the dugs.) I know it’s superficial but if it gets me through the week, I’ll take it because it’s beginning to feel like a long week, as I just want Nana Rosie back home with us and we have no idea how long it will take but we have her memory box sitting and waiting 💜💜💜

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