Today has been all about sleeping – well for the four paws is has been. That is sleeping and onions – random I know but it’s the random things in life that make it interesting…

Sleeping is so important to Maggie today, she has literally fell asleep where she sits today, she has the head lop down to perfection. That and when in bed with me she MUST be cuddled in under the covers and touching, which doesn’t sound too bad – until you realise Willie is also under the covers and touching (usually bum to bum with Maggie) making for one long sausage dog heater. This in its self saves on heating as you practically melt in your own skin but neither Maggie or Willie are very accommodating on giving space in bed or allowing you to move and get comfortable.

Indeed moving into a comfortable position is on the list of important things the people must not do list and results in punishment – usually the cold shoulder, move and snort kind. One thing that has improved at bedtime though is the aroma, although Willie can fart out a pretty good tune he is by no means a master of vile aromas like Nana Rosie was. Thus you can – if you dare pop your head under the covers without dying a slow gassy death as you watch eyeballs melt but only just…

Actually for all the sleeping the four paws do – including Pigcat (at a whopping 12+ a night) it is amazing they are even tired during the day but they are – check out Willie’s bad manners while snugging with daddy – ERM cover it dude!

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