Adventures and Tears.

We have been out on adventures today – today being the last day of our freedom before work tomorrow. So we adorned our beach shoes and went down to our local beach. We had not visited this beach since last week. It was the last beach visit we had with Nana Rosie but the sun shone beautifully for the whole visit so maybe Nana Rosie was with us still – as it was her favourite beach.

Of course Willie and Maggie knew the moment we got to the car we were going to the beach. Maggie could not hold her excitement in, whereas Willie was not going to lower himself to the level of excitement Maggie was, he could not help it when an excited whimper snuck out now and then on route.

Our adventures started off all good – Barr a little sniffle from me at my memories of Rosie’s last beach walk with us but it was happy memories. The beach was packed, with the sun enticing people out to enjoy the coast. Maggie ran and barked along the shore (as she just loves the echo of her voice at the beach) and Willie humpfted and grumpft next to daddy, obviously very put out that it was looking like he was not allowed off lead.

Mr 3WD&P strolled happily along, infront with the dogs as I snapped photos galore, when I spotted something of interest and got my camera prepared …

You see at the last community walk, I had happened to get soaked by a huge wave, while trying to clean Maggie up – Mr 3WD&P had happily sat back and laughed his head off. I know it was mean – and after my last post of ‘always be kind’ but we are married – there’s a score to be settled – it was a little mean but not malicious…

Plus it was absolutely hilarious. You see if you follow the photographs in order, you can see Mr 3WD&P innocently enjoying his morning stroll in the sunshine but if you watch the tide line – there was a pretty impressive wave going his way…I did try to shout but it came out in more of a snort as I scoffed at his hurried pace, hoping not to get wet. He got wet. I was warmly quite satisfied 1- 0 to the wife.

Once the sulking and generally manliness pride had passed Mr 3WD&P too scoffed at his misfortunes – and wet socks and we carried on our adventures, while giggling like school kids. This was when we came upon a very unfortunate, very dead fish. Both Willie and Maggie were very intrigued – as let’s face it, the aroma was whiffy. Now with something smelly, it can only go one of a few ways, where Westies are concerned. Roll in it, eat it or play with it – nope not Maggie – apparently weeing on it was her instinctual course of action – maybe she’s broken – who knows 😆.

So soggy socks, fishy toilet breaks and one man and his dog and if Nana Rosie was there with us today watching – she would probably be shaking her head and giggling because if she had been with us in body she’d have been giving us all what for with her best judgy disapproving look 💜💜💜.

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