This week has been a hard week but I have learnt that I am very lucky. I am lucky enough to have some great friends not only old ones but new ones too. I am quite a quiet person and have never been one for popularity and for many years I have had a small but good group of friends (that I could probably count on both my hands). 3WD&P has however gave me not just a media to write but enriched our lives, giving us not only a feeling community but of friendship too.

Yes, there has been a few bumps on the way, new people coming, old ones leaving (for we are not everybodies cup of tea) but there are also those we have met along the way, even those who have been there from the beginning. My friends, who I could of counted on my two hands has suddenly become much more. I am lucky and I feel blessed and honoured at not only the support but the offers of genuine friendship given.

I have laughed, hugged (eaten cakes and curry – not together – there goes weigh in) this week because of friendship. In a time when I thought there would only be sadness. I know that for some we may only be virtual, those who live across the pond or even down country but I have learnt that that does not matter. A kind word, picture or post can mean the world.

So in a world that can be cruel, let’s always choose to be kind. Be your own kind of beautiful because we are a lovely bunch 💜💜💜

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