Woe us and the four paws.

Woe us and woe the fourpaws as we are back to work. For we are all feeling sorry for ourselves as we reminisce of days gone by in the sun, relaxing in the garden.

Yes, okay Mr 3WD&P went back to work last week and while he worked hard outside on the yard – the dogs did yard duty. As there are vicious catz, foxz and prehistoric seagulls that roam the school ground and may attack daddy while he works. Plus they are nosey little sods (the dogs that is.) Pig cat is not interested in daddies safety at all – aslong as he is getting fed but…

As the weather gets warmer Pigcat is coming out of hibernation – he is very interested in what Maggie and Willie are doing – especially outside on the yard. He is also a proper wind up merchant. Thus he too was on the yard, although not to guard daddy or even play as daddy hammered away and worked hard. No he was there for one purpose – one reason. To torment the dogs.

So he found the highest hiding places, the dark corners, the easy escape routes and he ambushed the poor dogs. Maggie took this in all good fun, being used to Pigcat and his devious games. Willie on the other hand did not quite know what to do with himself – he knows he’s not allowed to chase Pigcat, as daddy doesn’t like it – so it was flight or play. He chose flight and ran and hid behind his dad (the big baby.)

This left Pigcat feeling very pleased and satisfied in his torment of ‘street dog’ he then strutted his stuff back home to claim Willie’s dog bed as his own – and as you can guess Willie did not challenge him – much to Pigcats delight. However, by this point poor Willie was practically vibrating with pent up energy with withholding his urgh to chase Pigcat, so we confiscated him (completed with the stolen dog bed) into his safe zone, where Pigcat aptly stared out from behind the bars of the baby gate – like the villian he is…

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