Stop and smell the flowers.

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the flowers or remember to take time out to stop and look around you. It is easy to get lost in life and the whirlwind that surrounds it and sometimes it is easy to get stuck in the negative and forget about the nice things – the simple things. As in a world that now mostly revolves around media it is too easy to lose a sense of what is really important. So while you read this stop, look out the window, smile at the person next to you or just hug your four paws.

This is what we have done today, as the sun has tried to come out. We have smiled at the daffodils, been surprised by a posey of flowers that have randomly popped up in the garden out of nowhere (Rosie perhaps) and spent time with Maggie and Willie as they transition and come to terms with Nana Rosie’s passing.

While we can see they are grieving just like us they have been doing okay, with Maggie taking the lead but Willie has been unsettled and as days pass some behaviours are still very apparent. He is sucking and nibbling to the point of it being ridiculous – I know this is his way of managing stress but alongside this he is needy, over protective and abit touchy. In reality it is to be expected, for Willie has only been with us since August and during that time he has seen foster dogs come and go as they moved into thier forever homes. He has socialized with many dogs and seen Rosie come as a new pack member too – so much change and while it feels like he has been with us forever and it is easy to forget – it is only nine months.

So it is back to basics, it is about reasurring the dogs, getting in a routine and letting them play out any anxiety (appropriately) as they process. We all miss Nana Rosie and always will but for now Willie needs to know he’s not going anywhere – ever. He’s here to stay and we are in for the long run and with patience, love and care we will get there…

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