Welcome Home.

Nana Rosie is home, we popped along to the vets today with some cream cakes in hand to say thank you and bring Nana back home where she belongs. I have not been able to transfer or open the box into her engraved one as yet, eventhough I feel more settled that she is home.

I did notice this morning as I walked through the garden, by the yellow posey of flowers that randomly appeared yesterday a sprouting of purple ones have opened – which is very apt as Nana Rosies colour here at home was always purple. Her leaders, collar, jumpers and all.

Maggie and Willie are still showning little interest in thier food today too but we are not too worried as the sun comes out, so do thier playful sides as they frolick around the garden and a new addition has been added for Lord Willie today – his ‘blanky’ (which he has had for a few weeks now) but it has been promoted to going everywhere with him for now, to not only give him some added comfort but to try and save our soft furnishings from his stress nibbling which he is doing at the moment.

Pigcat however, is just as attentive as always – well that is when you are feeding him – otherwise you are just the staff…

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