It’s a Pigcat kind of day..

We knew today was going to be a good day – not when we saw the beautiful sunshine – but when Mr 3WD&P had to go out on a treasure hunt to find His Majesty Pig Cat and bring him inside. You see when the weather becomes nicer Pigcat has to be ‘grounded’ which was exactly the case today. As soon as the first message came through with “I can’t get into work because Pig is lying in the middle of road” the race began to find him and bring him in before chaos ensued – and so the warmer weather battle with Pig cat begins – and he is not impressed…

On the other side of the four paws camp, Maggie and Willie are loving the warmer weather and have had free run of the garden all day (because big brother has a day off today) and to make it even more fantastic – the small ones have come for a visit – I use the word visit because that is all I can cope with – 3 hrs max at a time before I need a nana nap and become on the verge of a breakdown.

But as you can see in this 3hr time scale the children and four paws had loads of fun playing and frolicking around the garden. It was lovely to watch them interact and when they went home – more walks and a nice snooze on the couch (with Willie’s comfort blanket in tow.)

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