Who’s the Boss…

Lord Willie, first of his name has been up to mischief again. On his rounds this morning at work he did his usual checks; the outside perimeters, opening the gates with daddy; the sweep of the building, including collecting the milk delivery and his other very important duties that he helps Mr 3WD&P with. However, this morning in mid- duties Willie snuck off, of course daddy went on the hunt as soon as he realised – and found him very quickly.

Now this part is top secret – for if it gets out, Willie may get his papers and be dismissed without noticed. You seen when Mr 3WD&P found Lord Willie, he was proudly sitting in ‘THE CHAIR’ – yes the big bosses chair – proud as punch and feeling quite pleased with himself. Now as you can imagine it was a sight to behold and Willie obviously felt he was worthy of the seat, being quite reluctant to leave it. However, the race was on – as I am pretty sure the ‘boss’ would not be wanting a white, fur covered bottom at work – meaning Sir Henry the Hoover’s assistance was needed asap , mostly to destroy the evidence but should a position in the management team come up, we’ll obviously put Lord Willies name forward…

On another note, while strolling through some photos today I found an old photo – one of the first photographs of Nana Rosie (before we adopted her) the first time we took her to the beach and she was so excited she squished her face against the window for the whole journey there and it is one of my favourite photographs. We also received an new photograph today, one of Nana Rosie the 2nd in pride and place in Alisons dolls house – I think you will all agree it looks amazing…

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