Birthday Weekend.

Well I have had a lovely birthday weekend – yes weekend – aren’t I lucky. Although, I am not looking forward to weigh in tomorrow as somehow I don’t think it is going to be a loss. What with; cocktails, gin, afternoon tea, cakes, more cakes, pizza (dominoes) wine, chocolate and last but not least tootie fruities…

Even my jeans are screaming at me this weekend and threatening going on strike if I don’t stop feeding myself but it has been my birthday and my dad’s this week so its allowed isn’t it? But back on it Monday – as I really want to feel confident and comfortable in my wardrobe this summer.

In the world of Three White Dogs and a Pig though, it’s all fantastical and magical and fairy like (and ever so cute – too cute if you ask me.) Now we are not ones to ‘dress’ the dugs up but come on, how could I resist – Maggie as normal was up for it and loving every minute of it, as would of Nana Rosie if she was still with us. Willie though… I don’t think he thought it was quite masculine enough for him, that and he was worried it might taint his former ‘street dog’ reputation (which he lost ages ago – when he started carrying a blankie around) I think we are safe to say he has adapted to living in a home now haha

So enjoy the photos but I must warn you – they maybe too cute (I’m talking about the dog photos obviously) 🤣

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