Good and Bad Day.

Today had been both good and not so good. I got myself in a right pickle this afternoon while doing some shopping (when I shop, something usually falls into the basket for the dogs.) In my excitement of buying the dogs thier favourite things though I totally forgot Nana Rosie was not with us, bought her, her special things and got home to be hit in the face with the big fat reminder – she is not here. This totally threw my afternoon off and I just could not seem to get back on it.

However, I tried to busy myself with jobs and distractions the world decided to throw me a float – I took the dogs with me to fit the vet bedding in the car on the drive, in doing this I ended up with two very expectant and hopeful four paws. For the car to them means adventures and I could not break thier hearts, so we went on a adventure together.

We did not go far – as it was a spontaneous adventure but we don’t have to go far to get some beautiful walks here (we are very lucky) and we ended up at Northumberlandia. As it was late in the afternoon we were doubly lucky and got it all to ourselves too – just me and the pooches. It was fantastic. This is were the good bit came in – not only did it blow the cobwebs off me but Willie blossomed.

Willie has been in a funny old place since Nana Rosie passed and he has not coped very well with another change – that and his walks are limited until the end of the year due to his operation. However, today he beamed, maybe it was the change of scenery, maybe it was the wind – for it was very windy, maybe it was because I let him off lead the whole time – (shhh) but he rolled, played, grinned, smiled and just loved life. I glimpsed our little boy Willie again, not Willie the street dog or Willie the worrier. It was Lord Willie, first of his name, King of the world…

And I think you will agree…

Oh and Pig cat? He’s slept all day…

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