My Hero.

It’s take a kiss Tuesday – literally and Maggie took this activity to a whole new level today, as you can see. It all started off in good fun and ended up being an assault on my personal space. Mr 3WD&P found this hilarious of course – as you can see by the photographic evidence but at the time I was worried for my life, trying to gasp for air, while frantically deterring the assailant. Thankfully she is super cute, furry and has good dental hygiene – thus I survived…

On other adventures, we got to go on the field for walks, it was dry enough and solid enough not to resemble a quick sand, mud trap and to top off the excitement of being out on the field again, the white lightenings were allowed off lead for a good old romp in the long grass.

Which Lord Willie had worked hard for and deserved, as this morning he was a hero and saved a life. Albiet a small life but every life matters. You see Pigcat has been up to no good, doing what cats do (and it is my least favourite thing about having a cat) he caught a field mouse while out hunting. The funniest thing – he brought it into the house – unhurt and unknown to us. Willie knew though and he fussed and barked and whined until we relented and let him into the room. On entering the room though Willie immediately alerted Mr 3WD&P to our tiny visitor and his distress – Mr 3WD&P scooped it up in his hands and sat outside with it while it recovered and found a safe place to hide.

So Yeah Lord Willie the first of his name, saviour of the fieldmouse, protector of the small…

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