There’s nothing like fresh early summer grass under paw, especially when the sun is shining. We didn’t have to go far today to experience this either – just round about but we all throughly enjoyed it. After my mums death the solitude and peace when out walking the dogs was a lifeline and I find it still is – when life gets too busy, missing my mum or Nana becomes too painful or even when you are just looking for a quiet place to breath for a moment – out on walks is it.

The fourpaws are part of the ride, not wanting for anything other than to be loved and love in return. There are no demands of everyday life from them, they are not demanding bills to be paid, commitments forfilling or the last few minutes of your precious time. They walk paw to foot along with you – are just there. Your own personal companion, it is a beautiful relationship – the relationship between wo(man) and dog. Everyday Lord Willie cashes into this deal, falling deeper and deeper in love with the people/dog idea.

We are honoured to not only be part of this but to also witness this but isn’t it sad that for Willie and other dogs like him it takes a few wrong homes to realise a right one. Willie is five years old and for him he is only just now realising the human/canine partnership is wonderful and for Nana Rosie it took thirteen and a half years (and nine previous homes.)

It would be a much better world if this wasn’t the case but sadly life and the world does not work like that. Life is a rollercoaster full of ups and downs and sometimes four paws get caught up in it, sometimes it is just unavoidable as life hands you a deck of broken cards and sometimes life is taken for granted and abused. Whatever the case for these late bloomers, as messy as they maybe, with love, patience and encouragement they can overcome.

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