Today’s the day…

Well today was the day ;The day for Willie’s check up at the dogtors, the day for a new (rather gross) addition to the house and the day for our 500th group member to get her goodies but let’s start with wee Willie…

Willie knew something was afoot, right from the off this morning, exactly at the point where he realised breakfast was not forthcoming. It was Willie’s x-ray day – the day where we would find out if we had been too lenient on him during walks or if his surgery had not been successful and it was going to be a long day for him but it started off well – really well.

On admitting him into the vetinary surgery something spectacular happened. You see Willie had got himself a little bit of a reputation when he was first took off the streets – he was gobby, snappy and really quite an unpleasant chap – so much so that he needed highlighted notes all over his health records to warn any unsuspecting vetinary staff of his prior misdemeanors. Indeed in the time we have had Willie we have seen it first hand, particularly with the male staff and have had mentions of muzzels and needing to be on hand during assessments in his early life with us. However, as time has gone on he has become more sociable with the nurses and vetinary doctors (well the female ones) but was still intolerant of one of the male vets – until today…

Today as the vet (the male one) went in to listen to Willie’s heart beat, Willie moved towards him – for a cuddle. A proper, snuggle under the chin cuddle and for a few moments both the vet and Mr 3WD&P were unsure what was going on but it did not take any rocket scientists to see it was a genuine cuddle, full of affection. Willie has turned a huge corner, all the time we have spent: touching him, stroking him, playing, using positive reinforcement has paid off. Not only did Mr 3WD&P leave the vetinary surgery relaxed and happy but the vet and Willie did too and to make it a double whopper – Willie’s rehabilitation is going great. The steel plates and pins in his leg are in the right position and healing well, his movement is good – he is going to be okay. We still have a little way off to go with the rehabilitation but it is looking to be quite straightforward and we are so pleased – not as pleased as Willie when he was brought back home though…

I wish I could say the same but other things have been going on in the world of the 3WD&P – Mr 3WD&P has ‘aquired’ a new vocal point to adorn the walls with – above our bed apparently (I think not!) It may be ticking all his masculine boxes but it is definitely not ticking mine – indeed the only thing it may tick for me (if he gets his way of placing it above the bed) is nightmares – even the dogs and Pigcat are walking around the edges of the room to bypass it – maybe I will suggest he mounts it in his man cave, or we could do a ‘like, comment and share’ for your chance to win on Facebook 😂

Which takes us to our last little bit of news: our 500th group member received her little goodie basket (yeah) and both her and her little fourpaw Spock are enjoying the contents – my favourite thing though – the little personalised peice of art I made for them, it’s just up my street – unlike Mr 3WD&Ps new addition – maybe I could paint and glitter that up??

* Mr 3WD&P found this addition in a Scottish woodland, while out walking, he did not hunt and gather it lol 😂

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