The Vintage Powder Room.

I really am not doing well with my diet at the moment (I must stop making friends who like cake just as much as I do) but there is just something lovely about cake and good company and I have to say both were equally delightful today. We talked, giggled and ate far too much – to the point I think we all felt a little sick.

We were very impressed to not only find all of the cakes, scones and food were homemade but the staff were also just as unique and friendly, all sporting vintage attire, hair styles and make up (well only the females for the latter.) While all these little tweaks made for a wonderful experience the ‘cherry on the cake’ was the whole onsombo – with the tearooms being decorated and adorned in vintage knick knacks, home furnishings and China teacups in plentyful supply but just as you begin to appreciate and enjoy this quirky little establishement you find it has a little curve ball…

Yes, the The Vintage Powder Room and Tea Shop does not only serve delicious food with a vintage twist, neither does its friendly staff only just dress to impress you but they also provide the vintage experience for customers too – big or small. For you too can join in the fun with a hair and makeup experience – vintage style, with a variety of things to choose from; nails, hair, make up, foot soaks galore. Whether it be for yourself and the bestie or for a young one looking for a fun twist to a birthday party, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed – I know I wouldn’t say no!

So as me and the gals munched down on some major calories, we brain stormed and chewed over some ideas of how this fantastic little place would be great for a fundraising event. That and how amazing would a little white dog look in the window…

But not Maggie – she is currently in a huff with me for putting a bow in her fur!

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