We went on adventures to Northumberlandia today to meet some olds friends and new. The walk started of with a dampness to the air, from the rain we had during the night, not that that bothered the dogs, who were excited to get out the car, never mind on the woodland paths. There was not many of us today, which I’m not surprised as the icy winds whipped around our faces at the top of the Lady of the North and we sidestepped murky puddles on the path.

However, when the sun did decide to shine down it was glorious and we were not the only ones to brave the threatening rain and visit this beautiful landmark; as families laughed and played along the pebbled paths and clambered up the mounds to the top. Couples, young and old also enjoyed the scenery and held hands as we explored too but we were probably the noisest on the Lady with our rabble of white dogs.

For all the dogs were Westies today, which was just by chance as we are all dog breed friendly here but although, we were the noisest rabble (because Westies are gobby wee dogs) we throughly enjoyed ourselves. We talked and giggled around our walk about all sorts but eventually ended up on the conversation of poop – no idea how but apparently I was informed today that conversations aways end up at poop at some point and I suppose they do.

But the walks have to end somewhere, so after out summit photographs and collecting a new friend (Charlie and his mum) we made the descent down to the coffee shop, we had by this point got off the topic of poop and had moved onto dog friendly establishments and holidays (which is much more appropriate) and much nicer to drink your cuppa to…

Now I was really good and had a ‘standard’ hot chocolate – because im being good ( what a cheek I have got to saying that – did you see Fridays post!) Anyway Charlie’s mum was not good – she was bad – very bad, she went for the ‘deluxe’ and apparently with the deluxe not only do you get all the trimmings but a posh mug too – unlike my crappy one…

The funniest thing? Check out Charlie’s mum catching the dribbles – you’d never of though we had just met her this morning. #shynotshy I like her already 🤣😂

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