Birthday Celebrations.

After our adventures at Northumberlandia yesterday the rest of the day was all about our youngest son and his birthday. Sadly the dogs and Pigcat could not come and enjoy the fun and fun is what we had. We went for the good old bowling and a few games of pool kind of night (which, is not a cheap activity now it seems, baring in mind the last time me and Mr 3WD&P had last been.) As such this meant that we would suck at the game – an idea the man children were delighted with.

I would like to say I won a game or even that the man children managed to get a look in and win a game but I cannot. You see as Mr 3WD&P whined and cooed that he was ‘terrible’ at bowling, we all groaned at every single strike he made and rolled our eyes as he totally anillated us. Neither did it stop there as he moved onto thrashing us at the pool table and air hockey. There was no ‘going easy’ on the birthday boy or letting up on the recurring strike after strike.

We did take it all in fun though – nobody went home crying or starving for that matter making it a lovely evening without the aid of electronics and internet – which just goes to show it can be done.

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