Two Seconds…

Two seconds, that was all it took. I turned my back for two seconds as I answered my phone. Willie of course sat by my toes patiently, Maggie though…

One minute she was there, the next she was not. Time stood still as I turned around in what seemed like slow motion, all the while my brain was catching up, trying to put meaning to the wet, sloppy sounds coming from behind me, along with a frantic clawing and sucking noise.

Maggie had made a fatal mistake. She had decided to explore the mud pit. Unfortunately, for Maggie though the mud pit was neither dry or wet, but rather in the middle with the mud taking on a clay like resemblence. It also descened down into the field, meaning it was surrounded by a two foot lip and Maggie is quite a heavy lump making the combination of all of this not as straight forward as she may have hoped.

The first problem that Maggie came across was that she sank – like a brick – belly deep, in the thick curdled mud. She then found that she had not only sank but she was stuck too and it was not going to be a small feat to get to the edge and climb out (this was where I was alerted to her plight) remember the squelching noise?

However, it was not over, Maggie being a little dog was going to find getting out of the ‘mud pit’ was not so easy in normal circumstances but then this was not normal circumstances, the mud was acting likes glue substance and not releasing her back legs as she tried to jump out of the ravine. Thus Maggie had to be pulled out, by myself, by the neck.

Pulling her out brought its own set of problems, her belly, legs and tail were all thick of mud and stuck together (Maggie could not figure out why her tail would not work properly) and she stunk so we carried on our walk; hoping it would air the smell of cow shit and dry the curds off before we got home, we got no such luck.

But when we got home – Maggie made her way straight to the bathroom and even turned herself around (bum facing me) so I could pick her up and put her in the bath. She knew. It took three showers to get the thick of it (and the stench) away and she was so exhausted after her ordeal she fell asleep in the towel as we were about to dry her.

Do I think she has learnt her lesson, nope. I bet she tries to do the same tomorrow…

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