A Different Route.

We took a different route today, to shake it up a little bit and with the sun was shining it would of seemed rude not to take advantage of the weather. That and let’s face it the dogs love a good adventure. Going a new way makes it super exciting as there are lots of new smells as well as the possibility of meeting new friends too.

There is the other side of the coin too though, new routes and different paths can also cause anxiety, especially for a dog like Willie (who comes across as confident but is a big baby) but I am pleased to say he took it in his stride, trusting in me to lead the way at first and decided he was going to stay so close to me that I was practically tripping over him and tried to anticipate which way I was going to go but this eventually went on the wayside too.

As we made our way through the fields, following the man made paths in-between shrubbery and decrepit trees, Willie became more confident with every step, to the point where he was happy to set the pace at the front. Even when we came across obstacles like; horses in neighbouring fields, Stiles and the biggie (because it can go either way) other dogs and walkers he shone. Not once did he react or pay attention, walking on or around high energy dogs (which is what he struggles with sometimes) and confidently greeting others. He was a social butterfly, impressing all he met.

Then as we got close to home and he recognised the route he took to my heel and trotted home like a boss and he knew he had had a good walk and he knew we were proud because he walked into the house with such confidence and sass and then settled straight down for some much deserved cuddles and fussing.


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