Birthdays, birthdays

While April was a busy month for two leg birthdays, May is just as busy with celebrations on lots of four paws with Pigcats gotcha day yesterday (which he was truly spoilt with dreamies, and sardine shaped catnip toys and fresh runs for tea.) Not that this impressed him much as he is a cat and therefore thinks this is exactly how he should be received each and every day but I was a nice day irrelevant of his mind to be of a high status and whike we all shared cuddles with him we remembered the first day he arrived and all the days since and I would be something we would never change.

However, today is another day to celebrate but it also is a day for tears and healing. For not only is it Starwars day (May the fourth be with you) but it is also Nana Rosie’s birthday. I am very saddened to say that we never actually got to celebrate one of Nana’s birthday with her as she was with us such a short time (although it felt like she had always been here.) Plus in preparation for her birthday I had already began buying little bits and pieces for her; new jumpers, soft treats, a new toothbrush etc and they are all still sitting in her box. It is easy to fall down the rabbit hole and get stuck in all the things you didn’t not do though (which I learnt after the death of my mum) so I am going to reminisce of what we did do.

I remember her first time at the beach (she peed a little bit in excitement.) Her first Christmas with us; her first Christmas dinner, her presents (bless she was so scared of them when they were wrapped.) Her first night here, her delight as she realised she was allowed on the bed to sleep next to us, the delight at car rides out and adventures. Her first holiday to Keswick and the other breaks that followed. Meeting friends, two feet and four paws together. Going to the doggy cafe for her first birthday party invite. Her first time at the groomers. That day we took her off her hepatic food and gave her ‘real food’. The day she realised the back door was always open and she stood facing the sun , taking in the rays with her eyes closed and so many many more that I could write forever.

I miss her soo much and I try so hard to ‘get on with it’ because she was ‘just’ a dog – somebody else’s words not mine but the loss of a dog is thought of as a lighter loss than say as a parent, child, family member is it but it shouldn’t be. The comparison from a canine to a person is huge but the feeling of loss is not, there is no comparison.

So today on May 4th, now and forever I remember her, her beauty both inside and out and in honour of her and Starwars day she will always be my princess and because she would not want me to be sad I have used some Starwars and galaxy effects on her photos. The first one is the map of galaxy and the last one made me giggle (which is what Nana Rosie would want.) Happy Birthday my old lady. I love you 💜🌜🌟 🎁🎂🐕🚀🌠

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