The Three Birthdays of May…

Three birthdays in three days – totally accidental of course. Pigcats on Thursday, Nana Rosie’s on Friday and Lady Maggie’s today. A coincidence, if not a strange one but crikey, has Maggie been shone down upon today with the fantastic weather we have had and it is set to last all weekend too.

Now, I am pretty sure Maggie knows it’s a special day todsy as I shared bacon sandwiches with her for breakfast this morning (while singing happy birthday to her repeatedly.) Well that and she has been cuddled and walked and fussed over by practically everyone she has met today.

She even got a new toy for her birthday – which was quickly snatched away by Brutus Willie himself while she was looking on (for Lord Willie is not so good at sharing toys) and can be a bit dare I say – on the rough side when playing with them and he especially loved Maggie’s giant caterpiller. One for its dramatic size, two because it wasn’t his and three it had a squeaker in every section – EVERY SINGLE ONE…

Maggie however, is a polite little girl and just let him get on with it because she was more than happy sitting in the sun by me, cuddling and snacking on treats and when I went out she was just as content keeping Mr 3WD&P company. However, I could not go out without thinking about Maggie’s special day so a friend and I celebrated her birthday in style with a slice of lemon drizzle cake – which was delicious to begin with but tasted even more devine because it was free – yes free (we may have celebrated with a gin or two aswell but that is neither here or there) and what better way to end a birthday than a frolick around the countryside as the sun slowly set.

Happy 2nd birthday wee Maggie, may there be many, many more to come 🎂🎉🎈🐕🎁👑

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