Adventures, tractors and Rabbits…

We has been on adventures today, whispers Willie “I haves been a working, I was helping daddy on the tractor.” Well it wasn’t quite a tractor, neither was Willie technically ‘helping’ but rather sitting and enjoying the thrill of the ride but I must say the countryside suits Lord Willie and Lady Maggie, although, it did bring out thier more mischievous side.

For example; in less than five minutes,on arriving at our destination and unclipping the the dogs from the car Maggie was causing havoc – she had lifted a wild rabbit out of its hiding place as was on the chase. This chase was not for the light hearted either as I’d just unclipped her off lead and it seemed she wasnt going to call off the chase or come back for toffee – unlike Willie who showed her up totally by following the leave it command to perfection and while Mr 3WD&P fussed over him and praised him I watched horrified as Maggies fluffy momma thighs and bum scooted through the fence and into the neighbouring garden…

To make matters worse as I frantically shouted for her and threw random dog treats through the fence (to no avail) I contemplated my options, eyeing the small gap in the fence suspiciouly while I tried to decide if my backside would fit through. In the meantime all I could see was a flash of white running backwards and forwards along the shadows of the trees and the odd excited snort as she thrilled in the chase. Thankfully, Mr Rabbit – being native to his surroundings knew exactly where he was and had made his way swiftly and successfully back to his burrow. Thus Maggie lost the game.

Not that she was remotely sorry about the whole episode or worried about any reprocussions for legging it. Infact, she proudly strutted her stuff back through the fence the way she had gone and she even had the brass to eat all of the treats I had previously thrown (at her head) as she was escaping AND then expectantly trotted back to me for more…

Thus for the rest of the day both Maggie and Willie were leader bound (because I wasn’t going through that again.) The rabbits seemed to know this was the case too, as not only did Mr Rabbit come back out to torment the dogs but he brought the rest of the clan with him. Well that was until the grass cutter came out, then all the men, including Willie just had to have a turn and what do white dogs like doing – they love rolling in fresh cut grass but I was on to it – no hulkish Westies here (they’ve not long been bathed since the last naughty whim they had.)

I think I am safe in saying we broke the dogs though, maybe it was the heat, the rabbit hunting, exploring the village or even the meeting a new friend in the way of a neighbouring westie called Harry but the dogs could not keep thier eyes open in the car on the way home and they haven’t woke up since – they are snoring thier heads off – and Maggie is running in her sleep, I wonder what she is chasing 🐇🐰🐇🐰…

We love the warmer weather – can you tell.

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