For me…

Well you would think that Willie’s birthdays had all come at once today, he was so excited this morning as we began pulling the tent and paddling pool out of the shed and when we started filling it with water he practically trembled in his boots with anticipation – he obviously thought all the effort was just for him and we didn’t have the heart to tell him otherwise.

We had actually decided yesterday that because the weather was going to be nice once again and we had our grandson for the day that we would go off exploring all together. However, this morning the weather was so close we decided to have a day in the garden instead. We knew our grandson would love it as he loves being outside and at home he has a relatively small outside space which is not yet fully child friendly, so we pulled out all the toys and swimming gear (including the 50 factor suncream for the red heads) and made a day of it.

I must say too, that it has been one of the nicest days we have had. We were out all day, we played house, car wash and doggy groomers, we splashed and just pottered about. The dogs of course were involved in every game; Maggie preferring playing house in the tent (away from the water) and thoroughly enjoying being the baby and letting our grandson tuck her into bed. Willie shone when the carwash and doggy groomers began, happily chucking himself in the water and doing zoomies in the grass. Splashing was for pops though (just for the men) and when the games got too hot and bothered the ice-cream came out – frozzies for the fourpaws and milk lollies for the little one but no garden fun is complete with a burger in a bun (and a sneaky glass of wine) so we ended our day on a high.

And I’m pretty sure everyone is going to sleep well tonight – sun, full bellies and fun = very tired four paws and little grandsons…

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