Cool Wandering…

Walks have been rather restricted due to the warmer weather (not that we are complaining) but because it has been so warm we have been walking the dugs either in the morning or late evening before the temperature rises.

The hot weather has been great for drying out the surrounding fields though, which are one of Maggie and Willie’s favourite places to let off steam and run wild – often being quite empty of other walkers and dogs. It is a short walk on the paths though, which is why we are venturing out when it is cooler – we don’t want to burn any pads do we!

Walking in the fields and long grass does come with its down sides; midgies, ticks, muddy ditches and field mice – not that the dogs think of these things as downsides as they are usually too busy enjoying life. Touch wood we have had no ticks as yet and the midgies have been reasonably well behaved (up to now). However, as much as the fourpaws love the fields I am sure they will welcome a change of scenery as the weather cools down.

So as the rain and thunder storms threaten, we look forward to new adventures and exploring that little bit farther a field 😆.

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